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The genealogy information to be presented has been extracted from the book, the ancestry of Bart Welch, published in 1999, but differs from it in that sidebar text, page numbers, footnotes, cross references, graphics, and most photographs have been omitted. This was done to facilitate quick and easy viewing while on-line. 

If you wish to download the fully formatted version, like it appears in the published book, return to the Adobe Acrobat format.

The information can be viewed by individual chapters of the book, as follows. Click on the blue highlighting of the chapter you which to view.


Bart's Family Tree -- A chart listing 161ancestors, extending back thirty-one generations from Bart, linking all in a tree-like fashion.

family Bruce -- Discusses the Scottish family Bruce, the most notable of which was Robert the Bruce, King of Scots.

family Cathey -- Discusses roots in Scotland and Ireland. The first American was James Cathey (ca. 1685-1764); born Northern Ireland; emigrated to America 1715; migrated to Virginia, then to North Carolina; family latter settled in Haywood County, N.C.

family Dillard -- The first American was George Dillard (ca 1630-ca1740), early settler of the Virginia Colony, arriving in 1650; the family lived in Virginia for several generations.

God-Kings, and the Kings of Kent & Wessex -- Discusses roots of English and Scottish royalty extending back to the 4th century, A.D. Significant persons included are Alfred the Great and Saint Margaret

family Love -- The first identified American is Samuel Love (ca 1739-1781), early resident of Virginia. His children include Colonel Robert Love of Waynesville, Haywood County, N.C.

Other Families -- Families Aldin, Hyatt, Ingraham, Nalle, and Webb are discussed.

family Plott -- The first American was Johannes Plott, born 1734 in Batavia, Germany; emigrated to USA in 1750; settled in N.C.

Scottish Kings of Dalriada & House of Alpin -- Discusses roots of Scottish royalty extending back to the 5th century, A.D. 

family Vance -- Includes historic roots as Goths and Scots. First American was Patrick H. Vance ( -1803); born in Ireland, came to America in mid-1750's, lived in Pennsylvania, then later N.C.

family Welch -- The first identified American is John Welch (ca. 1768-1828); married Elizabeth Ingraham in Virginia, ca 1795, later settled in Waynesville, Haywood County, N.C., then moved to Missouri. 

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