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This site provides genealogy information on the ancestors of William Bartow "Bart" Welch of Waynesville, Haywood County, North Carolina. 

Families included in the genealogy are Aldin, Bruce, Cathey, Dillard, Hyatt, Ingraham, Love, Nall, Plott, Vance, Webb, & Welch. The genealogy also includes roots of English and Scottish royalty. 

The information comes from the book, the ancestry of Bart Welch, published in 1999.

The genealogy information is presented in either of two formats -- an HTML format or an Adobe Acrobat format, as follows:


1) HTML format

Advantages: The information can be quickly viewed with just several clicks of your mouse.

Disadvantages: The text is largely unformatted and text sidebars, page numbers, footnotes, cross-references, graphics, and most photographs are omitted.

To view the information in an HTML format, click here


2) Adobe Acrobat format

Advantages: The information is fully formatted and includes all text sidebars, page numbers, footnotes, cross-references, graphics, and photographs. The pages appear as they do in the published book.

Disadvantages: The files must be downloaded into your computer and read with Adobe Acrobat. Some of the files are large and may take lengthy times to download, depending upon your modem and download speed..

To view the information in an Adobe Acrobat format, click here 


Suggestion: First view the information in the HTML format to determine if and which portions of the information you specifically want. When you know that, download the Adobe Acrobat version. 


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