descendant database


The author anticipates that at some future point in time he will add a page listing living descendants of persons discussed in the genealogy sections of this web page.

The purpose could be for visitors to this site to establish links with unknown relatives (long lost second cousins ?), the exchange of information, arranging family reunions, or whatever?

Included will be a person's contact information and their relationship to a person in the genealogy database. 

To be included in this database, list your pertinent genealogy information in the form below. Please keep the entry simple, beginning with the name of an early person in the database, and the name of your direct ancestor in each successive generation, to yourself, with each generation separated by a slash. For example, an entry (actually, my wife's) might read:

John Welch/William Welch/James Leonidas Welch/Julius Marion Welch/William Bartow Welch/Barbara Welch

It is not necessary to list all ancestors -- only enough information is required to identify you in the descendant flow.

To be included in this future database, enter your pertinent information below:




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