family Plott (1734 - 1919)


from the Rhine to the New World with their Dogs

Johannes6 Plott (1734 - ): In 1750, as a young man of sixteen years, Johannes and his older brother sailed from Rotterdam, Germany, on the boat Priscilla with 209 other German emigrants to the New World. Johannes and his brother were born and reared on the Rhine River at Heidlesberg, Batavia, Germany. There they had been gamekeepers on a great estate (some say for a prince) and they brought with them to America five of their prized hunting dogs. The brother died on the voyage over and was buried at sea, leaving the youthful Johannes and his dogs alone in the New World.

Johannes landed at Philadelphia, then made his way to Newburn, North Carolina where there was a German-Swiss settlement. He later relocated to Cabarrus County, North Carolina where he married Margaret6 Ann Littleton, and raised his family of four boys and four girls.


Henry5 Plott (1770–1839): Henry was the second son of Johannes6 and Margaret6 Ann. He married Lydia5 Osborne in 1795. In 1800, they, along with the family of Lydia’s brother, Jonathan, moved to the Pigeon River area of Buncombe County (now Haywood County), where they purchased a farm in partnership. Henry and Margaret Ann later moved further west and established a farm on what is now known as Plott Creek, where they raised their family of eight sons and three daughters.


Jonathan4 Plott (1805–1886): When twenty-five years of age Johnathan moved nearby to the upper Pigeon River Valley where he taught school. Later he purchased a farm, eventually building it to over 800 acres of prime farm land. He also established a grist mill and a saw mill on the banks of the Pigeon River, and he had a country store.

He married Elizabeth4 Harmon in 1835 and they had two children, Adeline3 and Pingtree.


Adeline3 Loucretia Plott (1841-1919): Adeline married James3 Leondias Welch in 1858 at seventeen years of age. 

Family Group Sheet of Jonathan4 PLOTT & Elizabeth4 C. HARMON  

Jonathan4 PLOTT

Birth:      08 Jan 1805, Haywood Co., N.C.

Death:      07 Jul 1886

Father:     Henry5 PLOTT (1770-1839)

Mother:     Lydia5 OSBORNE (1776-1857)  

Elizabeth4 C. HARMON

Birth:       16 Jul 1818, Cabarrus Co., N.C.

Death:       30 Nov 1889

Father:      Anthony5 HARMON (    -1826)

Mother:      Lucretia5 WELLS

Marriage:    02 Jun 1835

Two Children


Adeline3 Loucrecia (Addie) PLOTT

Birth:       13 Mar 1841

Marriage:    17 Aug 1858 James3 Leonidas Welch, Waynesville, N.C.

Marriage:    Mansfield CHRISTOPHER

Death:       21 Nov 1919  Micanopy, Florida


Pingtree Pressley PLOTT

Marriage:    Charity Haseltine OSBORNE


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